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End of the Road

Well, finally! Here it is. Seems a little anti-climatic to me, but this is the first reveal to the world.

​Are you curious why I haven’t posted any photos of it yet before this?? Because I’m scared about it! It seems so simplistic when I look at it – simple shapes and lines, simple colors. But when I look a little closer, I can see complexity lurking behind those black threads. I have several firsts in Blackwater Project – first honeycomb project, first clasped weft project, first free-form weaving. I think this may be my first art project since middle school. I learned several new techniques, I learned a couple things to avoid, and I learned a little about myself.

The study group has known what my inspiration for this project is from the beginning. Would anyone who didn’t know be able to recognize what it is? I’ll never know the answer to that. Every time I look at it, I see the Thornapple River. I’m going to give it a new name now. The dam is right in the heart of Cascade, my childhood home. Hopefully, anyone else will see a river cascading over the wall and flowing downstream. Hence, I hereby christen thee Cascade.

My next project? I’m not sure yet. Something will come to me, or maybe I’ll be assigned something again. But I’ll be Jack Johnson’s jellyfish, and I’ll flow along that river. So it’s not the end of the road. It’s another leg of the river.

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