October 14, 2019 Monday @ 6:30 pm Social time, 6:45 pm Show & Tell, 7:00 pm Business meeting followed by the following:


"French-Canadian Weaving" by Candace Myers.  


Fingerweaving was firmly established among Eastern Woodlands Native Americans.  The technique employed plant fiber to 

create tumplines, garters and other useful household articles and items of clothing.  Europeans introduced wool and the sash, as 

an article of clothing, to the Eastern Woodlands people.  The Iroquois, Potawatomi & other Native American groups blended the

two traditions to create the finger-woven sash.  Candace Myers, who demonstrates this useful art form yearly at the Fort St. 

Joseph Archaeological Project through Western Michigan University will join us and show how to weave this technique step by 

step so that we may follow along in the banding process with a bit of history on Fingerweaving & a tutorial with examples of patterns to be mentioned along the way.  



Please bring along the following:  12, yard long strands of yarn:  6 of one color & 6 of a second color.