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Weaving happiness

My Blackwater Project test sample came off the loom two nights ago. I left it one day all by itself, just to relax and let some curves work their way into the honeycomb. True to my lazy-weaver self, I didn’t measure it on the loom first, I didn’t measure it off the loom immediately, and I didn’t measure it after 24 hours. I left it in an overnight wash, and I didn’t even measure it when it came out of that. At the moment, it is hanging over my sink drip-drying. Good thing this study group is not pass-fail. I don’t think they will kick me out as long as I do a project.


I’m very happy with the amount of curves however – I got bored with my charted, structured testing fairly quickly, so there are only short bands of each “test”. (Like maybe a row of block A, and 1 row of block B. Sometimes I did a third row to get the block A back in.)

As I write this now, feeling happy when I look up at my drippy sampler, I’m realizing how little self-discipline I have! The entire sampler is about 15 inches long, and I probably played with about 20 different combinations. My charting didn’t even last through the original 8 variations of just black and white. What does this say about me as a weaver? Do I really want to think about it? It makes me sad to consider, so I’m going to abandon the thought.

My loom(s) and my loom room have been sources of happiness. I have tassels hanging from the beater bar above, and crystals that bob with the countermarch harnesses. Favorite artwork, photographs, allowed and encouraged in the room. Sad thoughts – banned. That’s what weaving is to me.

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