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Chaotic Decisions

I am amazed at how many decisions I’m making for this project along the way. Do all weavers go through this? Or is it because I’m still such a novice?

I did free-form weaving, for lack of a better name, with my doubly-clasped wefts to get the river up to the dam. Now I’m to the point that I’m ready to start my waterfall. (If I’m starting at the bottom of the waterfall and going up wouldn’t it be a waterclimb?) And I would like to make the dam itself somehow different from the background. So I’m thinking about doing a doubly-clasped weft for the A and B blocks now. If I do that, then I will use all black weft on the outline portion.

Once I get to the top of the dam, I’m thinking the stunning bamboo yarn will be the weft in both blocks A and B, and outline weft will be either black or white. We’ll see. I’m not sure if I have a heavy white yarn that is truly white enough, versus a cream or eggshell.

It sure sounds like a lot going on, but I don’t want it to feel chaotic. Most of the time, the dam was a place of warm afternoons, bird songs, fishy smells and sunlight. Once a year, chaos took over on the 4th of July with canoe races. Ah, fond memories. So if a little chaos sneaks into the project, I guess that’s okay.

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