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Water Squares?

Now that I’m planning my sampler, it’s time to look at possible threadings. I am not happy with the waffle-weave threadings for 4 harnesses. But what a happy coincidence, I am finding threadings under the name of waffle-weave that are what I have always identified as a honeycomb. Is there a difference? Or is this more of a tomato-tomaato thing? In the spirit of the study group, I should probably do some research and comparisons of threading/treadlings.


Squares are just not fitting my idea for the project. Water will form beautiful squares, and I love having a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade in July. But that’s about where my affinity for ice ends. The dam does get covered in ice from mist, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it entirely frozen over. And if the river is freezing, I can guarantee I’m nowhere near it!

So honeycomb it is. I’m going to thread wide blocks on the outside, and near the center, where I’ll have the white warp, I’ll use skinny blocks. I created a chart with different weft combinations for Block A and Block B, and a third column for the outline weft. Black and black, heavy black. Black and black, heavy white. Black and Black, heavy gray. Black and white, heavy black. You get the picture. (Well, actually, I’ll put a picture up when I get it done. Promise!)

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