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Blackwater Project

The Four-Harness study group met, and I had a chance to ask about split-complementary color theme using black. Can you guess the answer? Wait for it – the answer was-- it’s a gray area.

One of our members had a “color wheel” with shades of black/white. She had a similar assignment, only her color was silver. Based on this idea, she suggested I need to concentrate on black, and two main shades of gray.

Another member suggested I could do color accents using any split complementary color theme. For example, I could toss some violets, orange and yellow-green accents into the mix. So how can I plan my black water project, using these thoughts?

My hubby was kind enough to find several pencil images of waterfalls. It didn’t take too long for me realize the moving water was usually white. Okay, my black project would need a stripe of white or pale gray to represent the waterfall. The warp was coming together! And it will be my own little joke that the inside-my-head name for the project – Blackwater Project – will actually have white water.

Sampling! I’ll put a short, narrow warp on the loom and then I can test different wefts. You just witnessed the birth of a plan.

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