November 12, 2016

Now that I’m planning my sampler, it’s time to look at possible threadings.  I am not happy with the waffle-weave threadings for 4 harnesses.  But what a happy coincidence, I am finding threadings under the name of waffle-weave that are what I have always identified as a honeycomb.  Is there a difference?  Or is this more of a tomato-tomaato thing?  In the spirit of the study group, I should probably do some research and comparisons of th...

October 14, 2016

The Four-Harness study group met, and I had a chance to ask about split-complementary color theme using black.  Can you guess the answer?  Wait for it – the answer was-- it’s a gray area. 

One of our members had a “color wheel” with shades of black/white.  She had a similar assignment, only her color was silver.  Based on this idea, she suggested I need to concentrate on black, and two main shades of gray.   


September 9, 2016

Jack Johnson has a famous song with the lyrics “When you move like a jellyfish, rhythm don’t mean nothing. You go with the flow.  You don’t stop.”  I love that line, and for a while I claimed it as a motto.  That was quite a while ago – long before I owned a loom, or even dreamed I would ever be a weaver.

These lyrics came back to mind recently when I received a study group assignment this year.  I just joined the study group, an...

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